Founded by two friends with a passion for the ocean and the "good life" it provides…

As kids living in South Florida, we grew up in and surrounded by this BIG ocean.  Everyday we could see it, smell it and feel it. It became part of us, it's in our hearts and minds.  We believe that if you're passionate about something, you take care of it, be good to it, and it will do the same in return. We also believe that if you do what you love everyday, you’ll never work a day in your life. So an idea was born and it grew into BIG OCEAN SPORT. 

We set course to design and make functional sportswear for fisherman like us. Yeah, we get it, our gear doesn’t look like everyone else’s. It’s not supposed to. We want to provide an option in a market saturated with the " same ol' ". Furthermore, we aim to form charitable partnerships with foundations dedicated to protecting our beloved BIG ocean, its habitats and wildlife. It provides so much for all of us, it's time we give back and take better care of it.

We designed our icon logo with two important symbols to every ocean fisherman. The frigate bird, known for its ability to soar over the seas for hours, even days, in search of its next meal. The frigate is always a welcome sight, letting us know there’s fish nearby. Then we thought of the compass, the most quintessential piece of nautical equipment there is. You can find one on virtually every boat made. It represents freedom to us, so we put it in our logo to remind us everyday to live life by the compass, not the clock.